Tamara Turlyun “Tiger victim”



“What is a victim? And why is it needed? ”
Tamara Turlyun was born in Cherkasy region, in the village of Pavlivka. She studied in Dnipro, in the College of Theater and Art, and in Kyiv, in NAOMA at the Faculty of Monumental Art. She lives and works in Kyiv.
“Tiger victim” is a project in which the leading idea is the concept of “victim”. In her work, Tamara understands sacrifice as a necessity for further developments. Primitive man or man at the beginning of civilization perceived the concept of “sacrifice” as a necessity. To get something, you have to give something. “Sacrifice” is still present in the modern world, but it has a different form and a different impact on today’s man. “Victim” today can be anything, depending on a person’s priorities, it can be time, people, or money. But not everyone is ready to put up with and let go of the fact of loss. The video-based project shows the viewer a primitive man who sacrifices a tiger bone. Instead, the tiger gives life.
“Tiger victim” is the sixth of seven exhibitions of the First Exhibition project, which will take place in 127 garage in the summer and autumn of 2020. As part of the project, we help young artists who do not yet have exhibition experience to prepare and hold their first exhibition. “The First Exhibition” was supported by the European Union under the House of Europe program.