@shallow_wat і @some_static_pictures “Game of deconstruction”

The project consists of two installations, a series of collages, and video art. The concept of the exhibition is built around the concept of Deconstruction. In particular, the artists focus on the deconstruction of binary oppositions.
The division of complex ideas into oppositions is an organic part of human nature. We are paired systems: two eyes, two hemispheres of the brain, two hands. The asymmetric body is a biological fact and throughout life remains the main tool for learning about the world. Symmetrical systems are perceived by us as an Ideal because it is unattainable and is not a natural given for man.
The coherence of the oppositions assures us that they form a harmonious closed conceptual system with two modules, in which there is no freedom of choice as such: the alternatives of choice are limited by the coordinate system itself, which cannot be exceeded. But modern civilization is moving in the direction of destroying the binary worldview. Postmodernism offers a way out of this situation, and it is Deconstruction, an intellectual strategy aimed at positive change through the revision of meanings. These transformations are a way to resolve the contradictions accumulated by modern civilization.
“Game in deconstruction” – the seventh and last of the seven exhibitions of the project “The First Exhibition”, which took place in 127  garage in the summer and autumn of 2020. As part of the project, we help young artists who do not yet have exhibition experience to prepare and hold their first exhibition. “The First Exhibition” was supported by the European Union under the program “House of Europe”.