Daria Kryvchikova “Trolleybus number thirteen”

“If you get a lucky ticket in trolleybus number 13, is it a good sign or bad luck?”
Daria Kryvchikova was born and lived in Kharkiv all her life. He studies at the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics at the Faculty of Computer Science. She has no art education, but has been engaged in digital illustration for more than 3 years.
The main element of the exhibition is the inscription “Show me a sign” written in Morse code on a dark background, where each point in the font – a lucky ticket from the Kharkiv land transport. In addition, a series of drawings have been created that explores the themes of luck, good (and not so good) signs, and a person’s ability to see these signs in simple things. In a series there are 13 works (as well as letters in the inscriptions on the main element). This number was chosen not by chance, but to contrast the unlucky number with the lucky tickets. Similarly, in general, the work raises the topic of giving meaning to the subject: first, the travel document becomes a lucky sign, and then the lucky ticket becomes a point in the code (in fact, a means of transmitting text).
“Trolleybus number thirteen” is the fourth of seven exhibitions of the First Exhibition project, which will take place in 127 garage in the summer and autumn of 2020. As part of the project, we help young artists who do not yet have exhibition experience to prepare and hold their first exhibition. “The First Exhibition” was supported by the European Union under the program “House of Europe”.