About us

127 garage is a space for cultural initiatives from artists and for artists.

We, the artist Anton Tkachenko and the curator Nastia Khlestova, opened a space for exhibitions, lectures, shows, meetings, discussions, and, most importantly, experiments in our garage. Our main goal and mission are to create a space comfortable for work and interaction, supporting young artists. We want to make art accessible and popular, therefore, locating in a residential complex, we are open to communication and work with the local community.

127 garage’s work is centered on different formats of knowledge exchange and developing new tools for understanding the condition today for a queerer tomorrow. 127 garage opens up new discursive lines, by involving different actors into challenging spatial narratives.

127 garage strives for a world of horizontal hegemonies, borderlessness, and borderlands, guided by our curiosity and urgency.

Ткаченко Антон
Anton Tkachenko

Artist, curator

Настя Хлестова
Nastia Khlestova