Yevhenii Svistun “Defeat the monument”



Yevhenii Svystun is a young artist living and working in Kyiv. In his artistic practice, he addresses the themes of ecology, inclusiveness, institutional criticism, and artistic activism. He uses various tools and media in his works. He studied at NAOMA, KAMA, and Photinus school.
On a certain day and time, the artist was moving around Kyiv, passing by monuments with balloons tied to his body. After arriving in Kharkiv,  Yevhenii repeated this gesture, already using the context of another city.
The basis of the narrative of the work is a reflection on the identity of the artist and the refusal of action aimed at nomenclature sculptural production. The primary task in the work is to overcome the physical dimension of monuments, their material power through weighting. In this situation, the body of a conditional author appears next to the monument with a column of balloons that rise above the level of the monument. The lightness and at the same time the lack of materiality of balloons is a way of confrontation with the difficult visual and ideological component that dominates the space.
“This project is a dream of overcoming fear, intolerance/hatred of monuments and the emergence of new meaningless monuments, devoid of meaning and validity in their existence”.