Elizaveta Matyushenko “My flower boy”

афиша 6

The project is developed within the framework of the aesthetics of “ugly art”. This aesthetic exists in contrast to gloss (perfect life on Instagram, good movies without meaning) and focuses on what is usually left behind while maintaining all the roughness of life. The series includes film shots that do not have post-processing. The photos were taken in one evening and in one apartment. The series aims to show simple, everyday things that are not usually advertised. Washing your feet, the usual physiological manifestations, such as itching of the back, the spontaneity that occurs when you think that you are not being watched – this is the focus of the project. Everything is as simple as possible, there is no false courage that needs to be shown in society in accordance with stereotypical gender roles. The house is like a garden that hides its secrets, the boy is like a flower – naked, simple, direct.